OnTime Networkwide Analysis of Timetable Stability

OnTime - analysis of timetable stability in complex and comprehensive railway systems:

  • Study timetables for entire regional or national networks
  • Assess operating quality and identify risks and delay hotspots
  • Short calculation time for timetable simulation even for large and complex networks
  • Enabling new possibilities in the process of timetable design, evaluation and optimization

OnTime: A joint development of trafIT solutions and VIA Consulting & Development. In use at Schweizerischen Bundesbahnen SBB (Switzerland), INFRABEL (Belgium), DB Netz AG (Germany) and ProRail (Netherlands).

Networkwide Timetable Stability

Networkwide Timetable Stability
  • Analysis of complete national networks including all traffic and its interaction
  • Analytical approach to timetable simulation makes it possible to calculate the punctuality of large timetables in minutes rather than hours or days
  • Comprehensive consideration of operation including connections, turnarounds, train coupling and sharing

Data Management

Data Management
  • Use of standardized data formats, e.g. railML®
  • Assisted creation and modification of case scenarios
  • Quick variation of determining factors for sensitivity analysis and optimization

Key Figures

Key Figures
  • Assess punctuality and other relevant key figures
  • Graphic display of networkwide operation quality
  • Compare timetables, timetable variants and operating scenarios


  • Display of delay in train diagram for easy inspection
  • Logging of delay and delay reasons
  • Data output specific for each train, station and time


  • Mesoscopic mapping of infrastructure parameters
  • Rule-based parameter specification for each train, station, section or time of day
  • Consideration of headways, conflicting routes in stations and junctions, overtaking stations and train priorities

Speed Restrictions

Speed Restrictions
  • Assess robustness of a timetable
  • Network-wide consequences of individual incidents: How long does the timetable need to recover from a single event?
  • Investigate network-wide consequences of temporary speed restrictions due to construction works

Calculation of Delay

  • Consider primary delays and margins for running and stopping
  • Propagation of delay throughout the network due to conflicts and connections, turnarounds ...
  • Model disposition rules and train priorities

Passenger's Punctuality

Passenger's Punctuality
  • Punctuality from a customer's point of view
  • Consideration of boarding or deboarding passengers as well as transfer passengers per train and station
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